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Vik Prjónsdóttir, an Icelandic design group, makes interesting fiber products from Icelandic wool, including these Beard Caps:

The beard caps refer to a traditional cap called “lambshed-hood” which was used in Iceland by farmers who in heavy snowstorms had to walk long distances between their sheds and to the neigboring farms. The cap covered both head and neck and had only a small opening for the face.

The addition of the mustache takes the cake for me. I can see it being practical for keeping your hot, warm nose exhalations from chapping your lips. That is, if you don’t have a real mustache. Regardless, if you’re lucky enough to live in a climate where this is practical, I highly recommend getting/making one of these and posting lots of pictures of it to the CRAFT Flickr pool, if only to make me jealous. – [via] Link.

26 thoughts on “Beard Cap

  1. Kicked this comment to MAKE: but thought I’d also say it here..
    This needs to be done as a Burger King cap! Complete with crown, beard and mustache!
    Someone make one and post it up! ;)

  2. i’m working on one now. will link back (or i guess post on the flickr) when i’m done. so far ive got everything but the mustaches, which i think i’m gonna make interchangable via snaps.
    rustybit, i think i’m gonna write up my pattern so check back here and if i do i’ll post it.

  3. Vanessa, is there any way I could pay you to make one of these for me? It’s actually for my boyfriend, and I’ve been having the hardest time finding someone to help me with this! I’m awful at knitting myself.

  4. expensive but worth the buy i think.
    im in the uk and i just emailed both scandinaviangrace and group.
    found the beardcap in dwell

  5. lauren, we might be able to arrange something. drop me an email at and we can talk about it.
    also i’ve decided against publicly posting a pattern because i do feel a bit guilty about it not being a totally original idea. i know there’s nothing technically illegal or anything about making a pattern similar to someone’s design but i always like to keep my distance. so i’m going to write up the pattern and if anyone is looking to obtain it please email me ( and i’ll give it out on a case-by-case basis.
    also i’ll post pics on the flickr pool soon

  6. This took me by surprise as I just put the tutorial for my crochet version of the Original Beard Cap (the real one is a tighter stitch and made with 100% wool – handmade – thus the $135 price tag) on squidoo and instructables this week. Too cool. Anyhow, I just updated the instructables one with more detailed pics if you need any help or clarification of the pattern just let me know.

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