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From the Japanese anime series S.A.C. (Stand Alone Complex), a Tachikoma Mark 2 robot comes to life. It looks like a four-legged toilet and cackles away like an over-caffeinated schoolkid. According to Boing Boing Gadgets, Audiocubes is going to be importing it to the US first-quarter ’08 and it’ll sell for $199.

SAC (Stand Alone Complex) Robot – Link

6 thoughts on “Funny robot press conference

  1. Okay now that’s just cool.
    The non-moving ones are pretty expensive anyways so by comparison the price it’s bad.

  2. The show is actually called “ghost in the shell: stand alone complex” and season two has got a “2nd GIG” on the end. Its a spinoff from the movie “Ghost in the shell” (theres also a sequel). The matrix was heavily influenced from this movie, some scenes are identical. And there actually is some deeper thoughts behind alot of the episodes, both existential and political. Its also easy on the eyes with the combined cgi / regular animation (those robots are cgi).

  3. The Tachikoma in this video was a one-off built by somebody – it’s not what Audiocubes is selling. That one isn’t really a robot at all – it can blink it’s LED’s, play audio through it’s speaker, and swivel one of it’s eyepieces. *sigh*

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