Pyro graffiti action! – Link

4 thoughts on “Stencils with gunpowder

  1. If you’re going to use a MAPP torch to light it like they did in the video, a safer, but probably visually equivalent (and cheaper) thing to do would be to use a charcoal powder. Get the same burnt look without the explosive nature of the gun powder.

    That said, the explosion at the end was rather cool looking, but didn’t leave the best visual on the tile at the very end.

    I’ll have to get some tiles from my friend in the bath industry and try it with some powdered charcoal.

  2. He used black powder and gunpowder interchangeably in the video, but they are different things. Black powder is much easier to spoil with moisture, making it not ignite like it did with the spray adhesive on it. he might want to try leaving out the adhesive and igniting the powder before removing the template. Hopefully that will help to hold the loose powder in place through the small explosions so it burns into the work piece.

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