Boost Your Wifi With A Soda Can

Apartment Therapy pointed out these directions on Metacafe for boosting your wifi signal with a soda can. They didn’t test the instructions so if you try this out, leave a comment with your results. [via] Link.

12 thoughts on “Boost Your Wifi With A Soda Can

  1. Reflector. Can also be done by putting foil on the wall behind your router.

    You lose all signal behind the router though.

  2. I was bored so I tried adding this to an extra wireless router. I left the laptop (with built-in wireless card) and the router in their respective locations, and only added the soda can. I saw a minimal improvement. I also had an old computer case laying around. So I took off the soda can, and instead placed the metal covering sleeve from the computer case behind the router. I saw the same improvement in signal strength, which was basically negligible. It was not worth it to me, to actually use the can. Just my experience. . .

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