Federated Media, the networked blog advertising agency and publisher (that reps makezine.com, boingboing.com, and streettech.com, among many others) has put together another one of their Holiday Gadget Guides (the first appeared last year). The Guide includes reviews of recommended gadgets and fine geekery from bloggers in the FM network, including three of your MAKE editors: Phillip Torrone, myself, and Mark Frauenfelder. Our reviews thus far:

Belkin Sling Bags rock (Gareth Branwyn) – Link
Ratcheting Hex Key Wrench (Mark Frauenfelder) – Link
They call it a “Personal cell phone signal blocker device” (Phil Torrone) – Link
Behold The Chronulator! (Gareth Branwyn) – Link
Sow the seeds of liberty with a victory garden! (Phil Torrone) – Link
Custom steampunk keyboards (Gareth Branwyn) – Link
Bleep Labs’ Thingamagoop: A cool analog synth critter (Gareth Branwyn) – Link

[Pictured above: Parts from the Chronulator clock kit.]

Federated Media Gadget Guide – Link