Homebrewed hot tub

A wood-fired hot tub made from a large storage container, an LP gas bottle, stainless steel tubing, polystyrene packing material, and some corrugated iron. That’s one bad-ass looking burner.

How to build a wood fired hot tub – Link

4 thoughts on “Homebrewed hot tub

  1. I’ve done this while camping, but a bit differently.
    We dug a large hole into the ground, then lined it with a few tarps. The heater was a radiator made from copper pipe and a BBQ grill. It was placed into a fire, and two garden hoses connect to it, both running into the hot tub. A submersible pond pump is first used to draw water from a lake or ocean into the tub. It is then used to draw water from the tub, through the heater, and back to the tub.

  2. copper pipe radiator assy, garden hoses(!), submersible pond pump(!!)

    I consider my VW bus the steel tent for camping, so it’s not like I’m hardcore! This seems a lot to pack in, however…..:)

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