Feltgingerbread House
Angie Carlson shows you how to make a gingerbread house that is good on your waistline: a felt one! Link.

4 thoughts on “Felt Gingerbread House Tutorial

  1. Lots of crafters do it because they want to replicate something they like, but can’t afford, or enjoy spending the project time with family. I can see both cases in this instance. Your “bad rip off” is someone else’s cheap family fun for an afternoon, so I don’t hold a grudge against the creator.
    Not to mention that sticking felt shapes to other pieces of felt is not, at its heart, a novel concept. I say lighten up.
    Thanks for sharing Angie’s tutorial. I think it’d be neat to somehow make the “walls” of the house separate, with perhaps velcro so that you can stick them together at the edges – as you would with an actual piece of gingerbread.

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