Joel Johnson writes of this cool, unusual kit on Boing Boing Gadgets:

“Power House” is an intriguing project kit for children twelve and up, designed to teach about the benefits of intelligent and environmentally-friendly housing choices. The $130 kit includes not only everything necessary to build the frame of a simple house, but a motor and electric train that can be powered by solar cells or windmill, with measurements taken by thermometer. (I don’t think you measure the efficiency of the train by thermometer, mind you. It’s just the only benchmarking instrument that appears to be included.)

There are real seeds inside to teach kids about the addition of live plants to a clever home. One of the projects is to build a water desalination unit. Really, there are too many cool-sounding projects to list. My kid brother’s gift is now purchased!

Power House: Nifty Sustainable Living Project Kit for Kids – Link