Hey remember when we asked you to post up your ideas for an automatic Xmas tree watering system? Here’s our winner! Stokes writes –

I had an idea involving an external reservoir but didn’t require an air-tight container:


An open-topped (or at least non-sealed) external reservoir is attached to the tree’s water supply by a tube at the bottom. The reservoir is kept at the same height as the tree’s supply. The water level in each container will remain level; you can easily see how much water the tree has, plus you can refill the external reservoir without having to crawl beneath the tree. If you use a larger or deeper reservoir, you can extend the time between refills substantially.

The one benefit this has over the ones that rely on an air-tight reservoir is that there is less of a risk of leaking. A tiny air leak in an air-tight reservoir system could eventually overflow the container under the tree. This idea doesn’t store as much water, though. You also need to put a hole in the bottom of the tree stand, which is additional work.

Winner! Stokes email us! – Link.