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Fake window adds much needed light to bare walls


Another pretty simple day project. Affix some bright white LEDs to the inside of a venetian blind, add a timer switch, attach to a blank, empty wall in your house or apartment, and you instantly have a much psychologically larger living space. The “Bright Blind” by Makoto Hirahara will fool you into thinking that there might be a way out of your one room shack.

Bright Blind – [via]

18 thoughts on “Fake window adds much needed light to bare walls

  1. I already thought of this years ago, but hadn’t the time (nor the energy) to make it.

    My idea was even extended to use a controller. With RGB LED’s you could mix any color. With a controller you could have the array of LED’s dim on places and simulate a sunset or sunrise etc.

    Cool to see someone made it to a real project.

    – Unomi –

  2. The text below the picture is misleading. The blinds in the picture use electroluminescent (EL) sheets, not LEDs. I think using LEDs would not look nearly as good, as they would give more uneven lighting. The EL sheets make it look almost real (in the picture, at least).

  3. I had the same idea like Unomi about a year ago.
    But I don’t know enough electronics to know how to connect LEDs to a battery safely.

    I wanted to have a timer and have the colors change so as to simulate the transition of light at sunrise.

    But seriously, this idea is really really good and gets double points for simplicity.

    I believe I am going to try to make one just like
    this maker’s one — real simple and straight forward.


  4. One couldplace a large transparency of say the Matterhorn over the sheet and instead of a dull venetian blind one could have a mountain view

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