Have you made a secret book?

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It’s the end of the weekend, have you made a secret compartment book yet? If you made one, leave a link to a picture of it in the comments!

Video – Link
PDF – Link
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Nathan Luoto has an awesome tutorial. It uses magnets to keep the book closed! – Link

Javier also made an awesome book! – Link

28 thoughts on “Have you made a secret book?

  1. I loved the secret book. It brings back memories. I used to make these 30 years ago when I was about 7 or 8 and had completely forgotten about them. Having resparked my interest I will definitely make another one – but this time I am sure the finish will be a lot better.

  2. You can get the MSC catalog for free. This is a massive hardback book that will be delivered at your door if you make a request on their website. I have used a couple of these books as hiding places.

  3. Yay, someone did a Bible (easily had in any hotel for free). Is the Qur’an next?

    For anyone offended by my words, stop reading them. They are just books printed by a machine like any other book.

  4. “Is the Qur’an next?”

    If I went to Muslim school and was required to have, I would :)
    Maybe I can find a cheap one at the Goodwill or something, or are they too sacred to be given to the Goodwill?

  5. When I was living in Russia soon after the colapse of the SU, I used secret books to mail stuff home. Books were the only thing that the Russian Postal System would take.

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