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Fish get a new home in unused phone booths


Let’s face it, the public phone booth is quickly becoming a relic of the past. Now that everyone has a cell phone, there’s not really any need for these things. Seeing this eventuality, French artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino created an “Aquarium Phone Booth” to remind us of these technological artifacts from the not so distant past.

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18 thoughts on “Fish get a new home in unused phone booths

  1. Sad you generalized. Not everyone owns one of those intrusive, distracting, rude devices. Cell phones are a blight. I have nothing against the technology it’s just that the users are just plain out of control. Phones pressed to ears during every conceivable activity, earbuds for hands free operation, I can’t help but think Borg!

    I for one depend on phone booths. Doesn’t anybody appreciate not being at someone’s beck and call every where and time?

  2. yes I guess I generalized, but I think it’s pretty true if you look around a modern city these days, the majority of people have no need for a pay phone anymore…

  3. It is a scary thought but I started putting my headphones on just to override the noise of conversations in public transport. But honestly, at least where I live (SF) people are loud whether on the phone or not.

    Maybe more regulations (within reason) could manage the situation. In Paris, people are not that loud even when on the phone… maybe it’s cultural or simply the rules.

  4. even with the advent of “affordable” no contract cell phones, there is still a significant use base of pay phones. I live in an area that is populated by people on the border of poverty and there are always _lines_ at the pay phones around here. plus there are a whole generation of people that can’t/won’t use/buy a cell phone that rely on taxicabs to ferry them around, they need some place to call form when they are going shopping.

  5. Hello,

    Just to say that this Aquarium is made for the “Ligth’s fest” (dirty translation) in Lyon, France. All the city is lighted with sculptures and lot of things. At the beginning,it was a religious fest, but know it is a popular one.

    Sincerely yours,

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