Unordinary’s Unique Designs

I just came across Unordinary’s designs on Flickr. She seems crazy and cool and talented all in one. I remember her awesome entry that won third place in the Etsy Halloween costume contest. Link.
Unordinary’s web site (not G-rated)
Etsy Halloween Costume Contest

8 thoughts on “Unordinary’s Unique Designs

  1. You might want to warn one that her website is NOT G-rated. I don’t think clicking on a link I expect to be about art/crafting and finding prominently figured on the front page a drawing of some weird female figure, with her naked crotch open to the world, is terribly appropriate.

  2. I dissagree, her website is so artistic and you made it sound like she had gratuitous pornographic images on her website. I just went through her links and only thing I found the most amazing detailed paintings.
    Maybe the warning should be, if you are afraid of amazing art, then do not enter.

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