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Chat puts gaming social awkwardness into physical space


Berlin-based media/game artist Aram Bartholl’s “Chat” project interjects the virtual chat stylings of online gaming into the physical world. Featuring a keyboard that hangs in front of the “chatter” and a giant illuminated speech bubble overhead, the wearer can type any message and have it show up in lights. The next step would be to network the bubbles and hook them up to a WoW session to grab someone else’s “virtual” conversations.

“Chat” project page – Link

16 thoughts on “Chat puts gaming social awkwardness into physical space

  1. I am a gamer my self…not line hard core one but still… and i find this idea prety weird. in my opinion, games should be games, and they should stay in PCs/game consoles, but not in real world..

  2. we need small micro projectors like those they are thinking for cell phones. then there’s no need for the stupid guy holding up the pole.

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