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These dolls make great gifts! Nothing cheers someone up like a little soft, fuzzy, and cute bundle of misery. Make sure to download the pdf for the full instructions!

Sponsored by Ponoko: Ponoko is a new concept that’s perfect for Makeziners. Use it to make and promote your product ideas. Ponoko supplies the digital manufacturing technology and the materials, you supply the creativity. Plus you can sell your product ideas in their showroom. Ponoko is this week’s sponsor of our weekend video podcast.

Make a design, upload it – have it cut on laser cutter and delivered to you.

If you’re one of the first 10 Makeziners to make a product using Ponoko you’ll get shipping for free.

Now *before* you grab up all the free shipping requests please please upload your designs and consider *making a product* a lot of folks out there uploaded designs but didn’t get a product made (yet) that’s ok – but ideally Ponoko would like to see more folks getting something made to take advantage of the free shipping, thanks.

Ok, click here to get going!

32 thoughts on “Make a Sympathy Doll – Weekend Projects Podcast

  1. Jessica Pierce (of E2 fame) makes cool bunnies so you don’t have to. I’ve bought a couple in the last few years.
    See her Esty store (although she seems a bit busy right now :-)

  2. To (mis)quote Heather Champ, “It takes a big man to make a cute doll” :-). Way to go! Someone will get a big kick out of it.

  3. Neat project Bre, I can think of a few people who would like these. I might even try and make a mini one with some catnip filling for the cats to play with.

    I am really impressed by the Ponoko team. I was having some issue with uploading my design and they were more than happy to help. Really great team over there. So if you get a coupon make something cool and share it!

  4. Nice project. I just started watching some old videos and I am enjoying a lot (the projects and the videos, that are fun also).
    Are you still in Europe?

  5. Why is Ponoko shipping so insane? $60 for a small sheet of polystyrene?!?! If you want to charge that much for the materials/service, fine–but sneaking it in to the shipping seems a bit sour…

  6. did any one see the subliminal message everyone says im crazy but iv even have a picture of it its around -23 in the film subliminal messaging is real

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