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Did you make a sympathy doll this weekend?

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It’s the end of the weekend, have you made a sympathy doll yet? If you made one, leave a link to a picture of it in the comments!

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If you saw the secret message in the video, make sure to send verification and email me with an address!

22 thoughts on “Did you make a sympathy doll this weekend?

  1. I made two and they were great! One friend is moving away and another got in a car accident and both loved them. I even have a friend who wants me to make one for her daughter (2 years old) for Christmas…

    It’s so fun and easy. Thanks a lot!

  2. Here’s a link to the two I made. I’m making at least two more tonight. I made overalls for one because she looked a bit naked.

    Sorry for the mess around the keyboard. I didn’t know company was coming.

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