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Nicely documented high-power rocket build

Kevin Cook does a nice job of documenting his building of a 93″, 45 lb., M-motor rocket, done as part of his Level 3 high-power rocketry certification.

Kevin Cook’s Red and Black “Sky Attack” Level 3 Certification Project – [via] Link

26 thoughts on “Nicely documented high-power rocket build

  1. You guys should check out the Team America Rocketry Challenge. It’s the largest rocketry contest in the world and is open to teams of high school students. I participated in it for 3 years and always had a great time. My team even placed first in 2004!

  2. Slightly misleading caption there. The rocket is actually flown on an M class motor for level 3 certification. The K motor is a first run flight, a test drive if you will.

    One of the guys in my club (LUNAR.ORG) mentored the TARC team mentioned above, a great program!

  3. Ah, thanks for that clarification, Jay. I used to be a rocket geek as a kid, but I’ve been out of the scene since “D” was serious business.

    And thanks for that TARC link, Bob.

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