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Vanity mirror and talk trainer for birds


The “Talk ‘N Play” attempts to teach basic phrases to the birds in your backyard while also allowing them to activate lights on the device’s front panel. Each button on the device, when pecked, triggers a new phrase played from the device’s onboard speakers. The next version of this device should also teach your local birds to only use your neighbor’s lawn furniture as an outhouse.

Talk N Play Bird Toy – Link, [via]

14 thoughts on “Vanity mirror and talk trainer for birds

  1. I got one of those, and the “Talk” phrases are very loud and very annoying. “Pretty Bird!” “I love you!” and maniacal laughing and flashing light buttons. It terrified my parrot and he ran away every time I showed it to him. I use it as a “booby trap” now hidden underneath a sheet of paper on my desk as the slightest touch to the buttons makes it play the sound, and it’s LOUD.

  2. A better talk training tool is a self-recorded computer file on repeat. Not too repetitive, of course, there should be plenty of white space to give the bird a break.

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