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Interesting concept video of chairs that follow you around in the library…

18 thoughts on “Take a seat

  1. Key here is concept, it would be a tough challenge to go from chair on an RC car to making it autonomous. Neat idea though just not sure the market for it = the cost of development and the need for it.

  2. zof, did you not notice that that was 100% animated?

    It wouldn’t be that hard to create, but the value provided would be less than the expense.

  3. Couldn’t tell with the single chair, looked pretty realistic RC control as it was following the guy, but the multi chair was easy to spot. Re watch the video you will see the chair come up behind him and he puts his hand on it to sit down and it moves the material on the chair, unless its a really good green screen animation/live action but at that point what the hell is this guy doing concept animations. The multi chair is obviously animated.

  4. I would be much happier if those were step stools. I rarely sit in the middle of the stacks, but I often need a way to reach a top shelf!

  5. Cool idea.

    i didn’t listen to the audio so I don’t know if it was mentioned. However, this could be a little dangerous.

    If you were walking out an aisle and someone had one of these following them, you could trip over it unless you were staring at the floor while walking.

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