PVC pipe storage

Neat (and cheap) way to store stuff using PVC pipe – Link.

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PVC Light box / light tent – Link.

Portable PVC conduit antenna mast – Link.

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DIY PVC multiple guitar stand – Link.

More DIY Musical Instruments: PVC Recorder – Link.

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Low power LED PVC flashlight – Link.

PVC Sprinkler water toy – The KidWash! – Link.

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HOW TO – Make a PVC bike rack – Link.

More PVC – Link.

6 thoughts on “PVC pipe storage

  1. Two alternatives for quicky fabs: 1×1″ galv perf bars, keeklamps. The perf bars can be arranged to make a vertex like a cube would have and bolted together. KeeKLamps bolt steel pipes together. One can look ’em up on the interweb.

  2. CPVC is another choice for construction, it is more rigid than PVC, due to higher polymerization, different plasticizers, or something. This material is typically grey in color.
    Copper tubing is a wee bit more expensive to use, but can be aesthetically superior.
    Earth firsty types, such as myself, need to consider that PVC is made from vinyl chloride, a highly toxic organic gas. This consideration must be balanced against the environmental cost of other methods. Certainly, mining damages the earth as well. Chrome, a material used in stainless steel, is of growing concern, especially in its yellow hexavalent form. PVC cement often contains tetrahydrofuran, a powerful carcinogen. Be sure to use adequate ventilation/respiration. Zinc used in galvanizing is also a matter of concern –cheers! and happy fabbing!

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