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PopSci Bug Labs build-a-BUG challenge

Buglabs 600
Here’s your chance to win a BUG module with this contest from PopSci and BUG labs…

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a special contest with Bug Labs, the folks behind BUG, the open, modular consumer-electronics hardware and Web-services platform that you can use like Legos to build practically any gadget you can dream up. And even more exciting, the grand prize will be a BUGbase and the first batch of four BUGmodules!

Launching soon, the BUG platform comprises the BUGbase: a mini Linux computer with 128 megabytes of RAM, a 532-megahertz ARM processor, built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB, and a rechargeable battery. The first set of four snap-on BUGmodules includes:

  • GPS receiver
  • digital still/video camera
  • touch-sensitive, color LCD screen
  • accelerometer/motion sensor

With these cool capabilities in mind, the world is yours. What would you do with a gadget that can sense its location, has Wi-Fi capability, accepts input via screen or USB, can detect motion, and is capable of capturing photos and videos?

That’s precisely what we want you to show us.

PopSci Bug Labs build-a-BUG challenge – Link.

10 thoughts on “PopSci Bug Labs build-a-BUG challenge

  1. HA! The computer I’m on is better than this! INTEL CELERON RUNNING AT 533MHZ 392MBS OF RAM ETHERNET 2 USB PORTS WIFI AND A 8.4 GB HARD DRIVE! Eat that! He He. Well this contest looks great!

  2. Really nice idea and I can see so many applications for this, my year 12 students would love it.

    And now time for a personal peeve :-)

    However they know that Lego is the name of the building system, so Legos refers to mutiple products not mutiple components :-( Its like calling the first officer of teh Enterprise Dr Spock :-)

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