My friend Tom Hoffman has set up a Jabber server for XO Laptop users:

I’m having a feeling I’ll regret having done this, but is now up and running. If you’ve got an XO you can point it at my Jabber server by popping open a terminal and typing this:

sugar-control-panel -s jabber

Then hit ctrl+alt+erase to restart Sugar. You should then see the other people logged in to the server in the “Neighborhood” view. That is essentially the widest view. You should be able to see other users and shared activities, and share your own activities with them, including video.

This is, however, the bleeding edge of the bleeding edge, so don’t expect perfection.

This isn’t group chat; once you’ve got it set up, start the Chat activity, share it with your neighborhood, and like magic, you’ll find all sorts of people and activities in your neighborhood. Very cool! Link and update