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At the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, Rose White gave a talk about the history of knitting in relation to computing/hacker culture. You can download a video of the lecture, and look at the conference page. She talks about how the industry has evolved to support free information sharing, much like open source software. She covers knitting in public spaces as well as some contemporary knitted artwork being done in a more traditional gallery setting, then goes on to discuss how technology and the internet is shaping the state of the art. I’m particularly pleased that this talk happened at a place like C3, and will be curious to see how much deeper the connection between computing and crafting can be explored. – [via] Link.

6 thoughts on “24C3: The History of Guerilla Knitting

  1. Anyone have any hints on how to download and watch this video.
    I can’t watch it in itunes or in windows.
    I’m feeling technologically backwards, but I have skills when it comes to knitting OK!

  2. It’s a torrent file, so you’ll need BitTorrent or some other software to download it. It’s a distributed download process, which means no one server has to bear the burden of giving out the whole video.

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