Ph Bug Group Med-3
BUGlabs announced their pricing and shipping schedule today –

The BUGbase and BUGmodules will ship by Monday, March 17, 2008. We’ll begin taking pre-orders through our online store on Monday, January 21, 2008.

The BUGbase will retail for $349, and the BUGmodules will vary from $59 to $119. However, we’ll be offering an “early adopter discount” to anyone who purchases the BUGbase or BUGmodules within the first 60 days of availability. Prices are as follow:

Description: Early-adopter price / Retail price
BUGbase: $299 / $349
Touchscreen LCD: $99 / $119
GPS: $79 / $99
Camera: $69 / $79
Motion/accelerometer: $49 / $59

We’ll also be announcing the Von Hippel BUGmodule, named after MIT professor and “Democratizing Innovation” author Eric Von Hippel. This BUGmodule will add an interface of inputs and outputs to the BUG, allowing users to “hack” their BUG even further.

Finally, we’ll be announcing BUG+EDU, which is a series of programs and promotions aimed at introducing BUG to the education market, from primary to post-secondary institutions. Over the next quarter, we’ll be unveiling more details on this initiative.