Using the Boarduino with a Wii Nunchuck


Tod E. Kurt put together a nice Boarduino demonstration, connecting the device to the Wii Nunchuck and using it to control the position of a servo. As you rotate the device, the servo continuously adjusts its position to point straight up.

The Boarduino’s small footprint made me want to see how small of a device I could whip up in an hour from some fairly complex components. So I decided to see how small the combination of a Boarduino, a Wii Nunchuck, and a hobby servo motor could be. Here’s a little video of the result.

His demo is nicely documented and the source is available and extremely digestible. I’ve been monkeying around with BS2 hardware for too long. This has convinced me it’s time to upgrade.

Boarduino, Wii Nunchucks, and Servos – Link
Boarduino: compact, breadboard compatible Arduino clone – Link
Hook your Wii nunchuck up to an Arduino – Link

0 thoughts on “Using the Boarduino with a Wii Nunchuck

  1. monopole says:

    Recently there has been quite a bit of trolling that the EEE and the XO are toys.

    This morning I realized that they were right, and that it was the best possible thing that could happen.

    People play with toys, they tear them apart and put them back together again, and they are not afraid to break them. Using a toy for other than it’s intended purpose is fine.

    The only way you learn tech and innovate is by playing around with hardware and software. In that regard a toy is ideal.


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