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Walking in solid air

Mccall 2
Anthony McCall’s “Walking in solid air” as io9 said, it almost like a teleporter! –

In blacked-out rooms filled with dry ice, McCall’s projectors trace slowly moving white lines – an undulating wave, two lines extending and intersecting – across the walls of the gallery.

The artificial smoke turns the beams of light into quasi-solid geometric shapes of cones and ellipses, through which visitors can pass. It creates the illusions of being able to walk through solid objects and of one’s body becoming transparent.

These are terrifically original and intellectually solid works of art, which could be described as installations, sculptures, drawings and “dematerialised”, all at once. But they are also thrilling in the way that works of art that convey the sensation of transcending the limits of the body are. It’s art as science fiction.

Walking in solid air| Arts & Exhibitions | This is London – [via] Link & more.


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