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The work is made of 21 modules of human faeces, each measuring 215 x 75 x 20cm. The faecal matter was collected in New Delhi and Jaipur, after having rested for three years, which, from a sanitary point of view, makes it equivalent to earth.

It was mixed with Fevicol, an agglutinative plastic, and dried in wooden moulds. Workers of the sanitary movement Sulabh International of India are mostly scavengers who, by birth, have to undertake the physically and psychologically painful task of collecting human faecal matter, being charged with the blames of a previous life of bad deeds.

The outcome of this project, apart of one module that is now property of Sulabh International, is exhibited for the first time at the Lisson Gallery, London, 30 November 2007 – 19 January 2008.

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