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Lyra’s Knit Hood

I love movie inspired knits! More cute hood action for the movie, “The Golden Compass”. Lion Brand now has a free knitting pattern for you to knit up in children and adult sizes. Link.
Golden Compass Hat – Link.

6 thoughts on “Lyra’s Knit Hood

  1. Does anyone really need a pattern for this? All it looks like is a folded-over rectangle in stockinette stitch. That said, it certainly looks quick and cozy. Those stitches have to be the biggest I’ve ever seen.

  2. Hi!
    I’ve been searching for hours for a crochet pattern for that kind of hat, I do love it!! I’ve found lots of knit patterns, but I can’t knit, so I want (need) to find the crochet pattern… Could you help me?? Where can I find it (for free)?
    Thank you very much!

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