The 01-31-07 memorial kit

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Never forget 1-31-07 with this memorial kit from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories –

You know what it is. You know you want it. Soldering and batteries (three D cells) required. Kit description: A no-compromise top quality electronic art project. Easy through-hole construction. Basic soldering skill required. You provide tools (solder + iron, clippers). Assembly time: 2 hours. Overall size: twelve by fifteen inches. Mounting holes provided. Hackable. This is a one-time, limited duration, limited run project. It will be over very soon. Order cutoff date: January 20; sooner if we run out.

The 01-31-07 memorial kit – Link.

48 thoughts on “The 01-31-07 memorial kit

  1. For the price of this kit one could go out and get a couple projects started that actually do something, and maybe actually learn something along the way.

  2. I have to agree with David, this “kit” is waaay too expensive, not very educational, and, if one bothers to remember, promoting something that has more to do with a failed media promotion than Make!

  3. how about just buying a breadboard and LED’s and some 1k resistors and making it yourself?

    total cost would probably be like 20$ with a power supply

  4. Yes, it is expensive, and there are a dozen ways to make *really cool things* in the same vein for $20 that we’ve seen covered here on Make.

    This is a obviously a very different approach. If you really stop and carefully think through what goes into this, doing it *right*, and what those parts cost, you might be surprised at the numbers you come up with. Giant black circuit boards, custom 10-mm LEDs, and microcontrollers weren’t free, last I checked. ;)

  5. In keeping with the spirit of MAKE, could you let us see a schematic? Or at least provide some description of what this thing does – y’know, so we don’t think it’s just a Lite-Brite clone?!

  6. @Agronski: This project was designed from the ground up to be fully open-source in both hardware and software– it will be published in a few weeks along with the release of our next kit. It can be used simply like a lite-brite or programmed (through an appropriate interface) to do much more. I’d be happy to share the full schematic if you contact me privately.

  7. Thanks for the reply – I’ll wait for the schematic, wouldn’t want any favoritism ;)

    Since this is more microprocessor than I thought, perhaps it could be built into one of those ‘multi-touch’ table things….(scratches chin)

  8. Oh, if I had the money!

    I live in Boston, and That Day will be one of my favorite memories!

    The Great Boston LED Freakout of 2007 was a wonderful example of “security theater” gone batpoop insane.

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