Boing Boing Gadgets points us to this story in the NYTimes about a consumer electronics/appliance parts broker that also has a retail website:

The Times profiles Partsearch, a company that acts as an inventory broker between manufacturers and repair technicians.

“The items most frequently broken or lost, he said, include laptop batteries, projection television lamps, refrigerator water filters and dryer timer knobs (so you’re not alone).

“Mr. Laumeister said his company is in the midst of a seasonal surge, as consumers break, lose or wear out their holiday gift gadgets. Also helping sales recently, he said, are environmentally aware customers looking to keep their older electronics items out of the dump. A precarious economy, of course, helps. ‘When the economy slows down, people fix their old stuff,’ he said.”

Even cooler, Partsearch operates its own web-based retail site for consumers called

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