RFID + induction + cooking

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Jeff writes in –

This CookTekIncogneeto” cook top was displayed at NAFM in late 2007. It’s capable of heating to 190 deg F through any sort of counter top (granite, composite etc) without causing damage to the counter itself. Because of RFID technology, These units also do not require special markings to determine where the cook top is under the counter. There isn’t much information available on the internet at the moment, the product has only been available to purchase for about a week.

10 thoughts on “RFID + induction + cooking

  1. Wonderful. Not only is wireless power transmission (what they are calling RFID) about 50% efficient but it will probably pump out enough stray EM radiation to make your hair fall out.

  2. There is real RFID going on here. The trivet that sits under the pan has an embedded RFID tag. The tag relays temperature information back to the cook top to regulate power. Also, induction is about 95-98% efficient.

  3. “Cooking with magnetic induction is 90 percent efficient, as compared to resistance electric at approximately 65-percent efficiency, and open-flamed gas which measures in the 55-percent efficiency range. Magnetic induction cooktops also feature sensors that adjust the energy setting to the pot size and a broader range of settings than traditional cooktops.”

    Yadi Yadi Ya…


  4. This does not appear to be a “cooktop” so much as a warming surface. You could poach things on it, possibly, but it won’t boil water at 190F maximum temperature.

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