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Get a bit of wall decor and find a way to stash your CD’s with Studio Lo’s printable wall art. Choose from 3 different kinds of cd holders. The site is in French but you can just click on the image of the CD holder design you like to download! [ via ] Link.

22 thoughts on “Downloadable CD Holder + Wall Art

  1. Esther is right. You folks didn’t even try this before you posted it. What’s the point of reading Craft if you don’t do a minimum of research before posting things.

  2. If you click on the “Objects” link on their website, there is a .jpg of how to fold them. Cutting them out isn’t clear on the Noir or Animal one, but the Colour pattern shows how to cut them out.
    It’s actually easy when you use the color pattern, but the others are difficult to know where to cut.
    The biggest design flaw is that there is no way to keep the thing shut.

  3. If you have a vector editing program (Illustrator for sure, not sure about others), and import the PDFs into it, the folding/cutting lines are on a hidden layer.
    When folded to what I imagine is correct, the top flap has a tab that tucks under some folds which will keep the envelope semi/mostly closed. If used with thicker stock than regular copy paper, the results would be even more sucessful. From the pictures they have, it looks like they were originally done on thicker stock.

  4. Once the object is folded, there is indeed a tab on the top edge which tucks under to seal the thing. I just made one out of 20# copier paper and it required no adhesives at all. Of course, it would definitely benefit from card stock with the edges nicely glued or double-taped.

  5. That is cool. I looked at the alphabet photos above that thought they were great! But I found several sites that were selling them, I love the idea. I found one that was a lot cheaper though, and ordered. its called Alphabet Photography, I can’t wait to get my order to see how it looks. I think it was or .com. I can’t remember, but there are several sites that sell those photos, all of them are awesome!

  6. The alphabet photos are so hot right now! I just posted this to Courtney (another craftzine user), but the very best is definitely, in my opinion. I found them in Oprah’s magazine last year. They were on the O List. I also read on their website that they were on Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray but I didn’t see those appearances.
    I have purchased a lot of pieces from and referred tons of people to them. I have had the very best experience with them. They are definitely my go-to-gift. Have fun looking around!

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