Hannah Fettig, author of the upcoming new book Closely Knit, shares with us her movie inspired knitting from the movie, About a Boy. This sweater is from the dead duck day scene and you can see the sweater in this music video for the movie by Badly Drawn Boy.
Hannah writes:

This sweater was a special request from my cousin’s brother. He had been trying to find someone to knit the sweater that Marcus wears in About a Boy. When he found out I knit, he begged me to knit it for him. I knew exactly which sweater he was talking about, and was totally up for it. The model in the photograph is my friend Brian Emerson. I took the photos just before I shipped it off to Stephen in New Jersey. Apparently he wears it every day!

You can find out more about Hannah’s projects and upcoming book, on her blog Knitbot. – Link.

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  1. Please tell me someone has the pattern by now. ha ha. :) :D I would love to know how to do the rainbow and clouds and sun.

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