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Over the holiday Bunnie made a robo-Chumby, he writes –

The final control paths for the system thus looked like this:

sensors -> chumby server app -> UDP packet -> 802.11 wifi transmitted over 10’s of meters -> client client app -> phidget driver -> USB -> phidget board -> solid state relay -> RC controller switches -> modulated to 27 MHz -> transmitted over a distance of 1″ -> demodulated -> motor driver -> motors

Sony DSC-T10 camera -> PAL -> DVB-T encoder -> MPEG-2 format -> DVB-T wireless transmission over 10’s of meters -> DVB-T receiver

Plus, of course, the normal widget stream coming from the chumby servers in the US via the Wifi interface as well. After all, what Wifi controlled toy car isn’t complete without streaming internet radio, Flash movies of Chuck Norris facts and “interesting” Flickr streams playing on it.

RoboChumby – Link.

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Chumby round up – Link.


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