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Mehrshad sent in an update about the first round of BUGBase units, he writes –

We’ve just uploaded a few photos of the “Hiro P” BUGbase to the web. We had originally planned to issue an announcement on Monday morning before we opened the Bug Labs store (which opens at noon EST on Monday), but we’ve decided to announce early. The photos in question can be found here.

This is the BUGbase “Hiro P” model. It’s what the first batch of BUGbase units will look like, and is much like the BUGbase we’ve been promoting, only with a minor aesthetic change to the front panel and no onboard 802.11 wi-fi.

Why no wi-fi? The issue extends from developing a set of open source wi-fi drivers, and we had to make a decision on our first production run – either ship early with no wi-fi, or delay the ship date until the driver issue was resolved.

However, to compensate the Hiro P customers, we will be offering them a BUGwifi module *at cost*, and we will also be giving them a *free* BUGvonhippel module. Additionally, we will be extending the early adopter program to the new batch of wireless-enabled BUGbases.

Bug Labs – “Hiro P” BUGbase – Link.