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The “air car”

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Zerolawn sent in this fun eBay find, the seller writes –

This car was built in 1985. Body is built with fiberglass and urethane composite making it very light. Entire body can be lifted off with 2 people for easy access to frame and all other parts. Powered by 400 cubic inch Chevy small block, driving through a 2 to 1 reduction drive to a six blade, 54″ propeller. As the propeller tips approach mach 1, she is extremely loud. Anyone that has heard an airboat knows they are loud. This is no different , even though it is equipped with mufflers. I am putting in a reserve but may sell it even if reserve hasn’t been met. I am a little leery on selling because of the sue happy society now adays. Please, only responsible people bid. The Jetstream is no more or less dangerous than an airplane, but that is a six blade prop back there an anything that goes through it will…… well you understand. This is a serious running vehicle and is not a toy! I have had a lot of fun with her. Scares the hell out of chickens and is a blast on a dirt road! Thanks for looking.

The “air car” – Link.

Only $10k, I’m going to see if this can be our next MAKE-mobile.

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