Listography: Your Life in Lists by Lisa Nola
Available for $16.95 at Fred Flare – Link.
I loved the book High Fidelity by Nick Hornby and subsequently the movie starting John Cusak because the main character would always have a “Top 5” list, whether it was a song for certain situations or list of his ex-girlfriends. The new book Listography: Your Life in Lists by Lisa Nola (published by Chronicle Books) lets you transcribe your own favorites into this journal. With beautiful illustrations by Nathaniel Russell, you can make lists of things like your favorite movies, bands, cartoon shows, etc. But I love the really fun lists like “list the things you’d save if your home was on fire” or “list things you think everyone should do if money is not an issue”. You can also make up your own lists in the back and if you’re like me, list out the craft projects you want to tackle this year.
We are giving away 1 copy of Listography to a lucky CRAFT Blog reader today! So leave a comment to this post and we’ll pick one of you at random. Please make sure you enter your full name in the comments and you can also add your email address if you are comfortable with it (spell it all out for anti-spam protection). All comments will be closed by 9am PST on Thursday. The Winner will be announced on Friday at 9am PST. Good Luck!
Also, take a visit to I just signed up and made my own list, figuring out my wishlist for craft projects to tackle personally outside of work in 2008. But for a great example, nothing beats Lisa’s page. For, lots of great inspiration for starting your own lists you can read the Listography blog too for cool listography news. Link.

332 thoughts on “Listography by Lisa Nola – Book Giveaway!

  1. I have stacks of journals containing lists that I’ll never see again… how organized this seems…. but it would be scary.

  2. Awsome! I have everything in lists, for example my favorite blogs? 1.craftzine 2.perezhilton 3.dominomag 4.msn news 5.adorn magazine..
    YIPPY SKIPPY I hope I get the book…
    Julie Peraza

  3. That sounds so fun! I live to list stuff, and what a neat record it would be for my kids when I’m old and grey…

  4. This book sounds great, I’m always making lists on my own, and then I file them away and forget about them. Maybe now I’ll have a place to keep them all!

  5. Top 5 Reasons I should win this book:
    5. I have never won anything.
    4. This looks like such a great book!
    3. I love lists.
    2. My friends love lists.
    1. I can’t live without lists!

  6. Hope, hope, hope
    get,get get,
    picked as a book, book, book recipient. Your such a great force in the world of encouraging personal peace through art making. Craft: your our substitute prozac. A big hug!!

  7. i can’t find this book anywhere here in canada and am dying to get a better look at it. thanks for posting the pictures from it above. :) i have a listography account, too!

  8. I love making lists. I carry a book around now and keep my lists, it would be great to have a book that is made specifically for that purpose!

  9. I love making lists. I carry a book around now and keep my lists, it would be great to have a book that is made specifically for that purpose!

  10. I am constantly make lists. It makes me so happy to know I’m not the only one. I think I heard of this book on NPR; could that be right? I have master lists and daily lists. additionally, I have lists of shopping dreams and names for babies I may never have. Thank you for considering me for your giveaway. Rock on with your bad selves.

  11. this is adorable. I usually just have “to do lists” written down, and then my other “lists” are all mental. Things like my “top 5 irrational fears” (number one is Zombies) or “All the things every boy I ever dated had in common” are in a mental list. I can only imagine what would happen if I had an opportunity to put all these things in writing. Yikes!

  12. Lists help me keep things in perspective. My mom raised us on lists and I continue to use them as a “grown-up”. For all the moaning and complaining I did as a child being left with a list by my mom, I now find myself doing the same to my husband.

  13. This is perfect for people who typically wouldn’t make these kinds of lists, but are inspired to do so after reading her info!

  14. This is perfect for people who typically wouldn’t make these kinds of lists, but are inspired to do so after reading her info!

  15. This book sounds great, I’d love to read it but my friend who is even more obsessed with lists than me (and indeed got me hooked into making them) would love it if I won this copy for her!
    h.kiely (at) lancaster. ac. uk

  16. What a great idea! A book of lists! I am crazy for a good list, I make them all day at work and once I can cross everything OFF my list, I feel productive!

  17. What a great idea! A book of lists! I am crazy for a good list, I make them all day at work and once I can cross everything OFF my list, I feel productive!

  18. i wish they gave out a ph.d for listmaking! (and maybe another one for e-mailing?)
    stephanie {at!} handmadedetroit dot com

  19. If you pick me, I will send you a picture of me with the Flock of Seagulls hair – I promise!
    kmjones44 at gmail dot com

  20. I’ve been trying to start writing in a journal again for years – this might be what I need to get started!
    leighjam at pobox dot com

  21. i could make lists of my lists! anyone want to start one here? how about…
    top 5 things you should never stick in your mouth:
    kcaine84 at hotmail dot com

  22. my good friend just loves to write out lists for everything, she would love this. i, personally, love the aesthetic of the journal.

  23. What a great idea for a book. I use lists in my journal. I never win anything, so pick me!
    tadawilhelm at hotmail dot com

  24. We love lists. When my niece was in high school she had post its with lists all over the place. On her bathroom mirror there was a list that included “Brush your teeth!” I still tease her about that almost 10 years later.

  25. I like lists in hindsight. “To-do” lists are part of my daily life, but I enjoy finding the lists with grander scale penned in the back of old diaries – “Things I want to do this year”, “Things I wish I did in highschool”.

  26. I am a lister at heart and am running out of lists – please pick me so I have more lists to complete!
    raebanke at

  27. I’m a list fiend and it looks like this book isn’t available at Amazon. It’s a must have for me!
    n o r a b e a r AT v i s i DOT c o m

  28. This is so awesome! Love the blog… you honestly keep me going through the day!
    designs by shila AT yahoo DOT com

  29. Making my list and checking it twice! Thanks for this offer – fingers crossed…..
    dantedreams at yahoo dot com

  30. Books! Books… I am listing my books, this year.
    I’m not sure what my goal is, but I’m pretty sure I could use the pages I read to construct a paper mache moonbridge. Even if only theoretically.
    This books looks nifty, is also what I am saying here. Count me in on the count.
    magneticcrow (at) gmail {dot} com

  31. Wow! This book looks amazing! It’s the perfect tool for someone like me with ADD. I would love to have this book :)
    flapergirlcreations at gmail dot com

  32. Top 5 reasons I need this book;
    1. If it isn’t on the to-do list it isn’t going to happen.
    2. If it isn’t on the grocery list it won’t be bought.
    3. If it isn’t on the take to school list it won’t arrive in class.
    4. If it isn’t on the to read list it won’t be put on hold at the library.
    5. If it isn’t on the remember list I’ll leave home without it.
    d underscore rogal at hot mail dot com

  33. What a great book idea! I’ve been having a lot of fun with the whole 101 Things in 1001 Days list project. It’s a big list, but very inspiring.

  34. Full day of grad school. Quota of words almost all used up. Result is inability to be creative and attract attention. Still want book, though.
    Rebecca Canning
    rebica at aol dot com

  35. Sounds fabulous! I’ve been wanting to do more “memoir” type writing but a straight memoir sounds so stuffy. This sounds really fresh and even better, easy :)
    I’m juliann at juliann dot net

  36. i think the neice who made the lists including “brush teeth” is more deserving of the book than the aunt who still teases her about it and posts comments on message boards telling everyone about it. especially since i write lists for her!

  37. Ohh, that book looks really cute!
    My email address: ayeyeyjay at yahoo dot com au
    Yeah, it’s a really weird, obnoxious email address, but I’ve had it for about 8 years now. XD

  38. I keep lists of books I’ve read, books I’m reading, books I want to read, projects to do, — everything. Lists are my memory.

  39. 1. Lists are easier
    2. Easier than journals
    3. Journals require sentences
    4. Sentences want punctuation
    5. Punctuation can slow you
    6. You just jot things down
    7. Down row of row
    8. Row row row you boat
    9. Boat gently down the stream
    10. Stream of conciousness

  40. When my 79-year-old mother fell out of a very tall tree (I know, I know, WHAT was she doing up in a very tall tree? Well, she was pruning the limbs, that’s what) and I had to clean out her house, I found dozens and dozens of notebooks full of lists. Books she wanted to read, favorite quotations, most uplifting thoughts, places she wanted to travel to, plants she wanted to add to her garden, and on and on.

  41. I thought I was alone in this list addiction! I think I missed the deadline to win the book though. It’s still nice to know there are others out there.

  42. I love lists!
    I need a list book
    I don’t usually number my lists
    4. I sometimes lie on my lists
    did I mention I want the list book?

  43. I have at least 3 lists going daily: food journal, orders that need to be filled, grocery, which exercises I’ve done (or need to do), supplies I need to buy, errands I need to run, and on and on…and on. I need this book!

  44. I love lists just a little more than entering giveaway contests/raffles. I always add tasks to lists I’ll be sure to do (e.g. “eat dinner”) in order to feel more accomplished.
    kathwins at gmail dot com

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