The Particle Zoo is home to hand-sewn plushies meant to represent subatomic particles. Their weights vary according to their properties–heavy guys like the Higgs Boson are stuffed with sand, while massless bosons are stuffed with fluffy polyfil. Science nerds and crafters everywhere, rejoice! Link.

3 thoughts on “Subatomic Plush

  1. how wonderfully impractically strange! teach them physics while still in the cradle! science nerds have a collection of their favourite elements on their shelf! they’re so cute…

  2. Wow! When in college studying the standard model of physics I used to draw subatomic particles as cartoon characters to help me remember them. To me quarks were always fuzzy. The Higgs Boson was a bully cos he bashed all the other particles to give them mass :-)
    It’s very cool to see this. If only to reassure me that I’m not completely mad and the only person to think like this.

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