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This week on ThreadBanger it’s all about babies as Rob and Corrine show you how to make a cozy baby pod and recycled baby gear.

8 thoughts on “ThreadBanger: Make a Baby Pod

  1. As very cute as that is, it seems to be the design of someone without a real live baby. The whole thing has to be removed to change a diaper. I suggest using snaps or a second zipper around the botton third to facilitate changes.

  2. I’m with you on the practicality of it. It would also be difficult to use with a car seat…no legs! :) I made a “bunting” similar to this and the nice things about the fleece is that it doesn’t fray so sewing the holes isn’t absolutely essential.

  3. I’m wondering about the safety factor with the drawstring around the hood – they don’t make hoodies for babies/children with drawstrings anymore because of choking concerns.
    How about threading some 1/4″ elastic through the hood casing and stitching/securing it inside the casing at the ends for a perpetually-puckered hood instead? No loose ends to choke on, no drawstrings around baby’s neck.

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