Writer Margaret Killjoy and artist of Colin Foran of SteamPunk Magazine have released a long-form version of their article from issue no. 3: “A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse.” It is available as a free download (donations kindly accepted) or can be purchased in a dead tree edition for $5.

Choosing where to locate a Well is an important Decision. The Trick is to dig or drill where the water Table is both deep and buried under quite little Earth. With these Considerations, your Well will not be unfathomably difficult to build, nor will it dry when the Rains and Snowmelt abandon the Land. It is best to consult hydrological Maps (and topographical Maps as well!). We suggest stockpiling Maps of your Area before the Inevitable occurs–purchasable in the United States as the “Ground Water Atlas of the United States” directly from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). If you procrastinate then said Maps might be recovered from government Libraries after the less informed and more violent Looters have made their way through.

A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse – Link