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Soda bottle gas tank makes fuel conservation more obvious


This soda bottle gas tank on a home-made motor bike from Cuba is a pretty handy way to check if you are running low on gas without needing a meter.

Cuban Motor Bike – [via]

12 thoughts on “Soda bottle gas tank makes fuel conservation more obvious

  1. Hmm, someone should tell that Cuban fellow about the dangers of mixing gasoline with static charges from that type of plastic.

  2. Many fuels will quickly destroy a plastic soda bottle. At one time I used a small plastic soda bottle for methyl alcohol for a homemade backpacking stove. That bottle became brittle and unusable within 4 weeks.

    This might work for a few days, but it is unsafe and will not work long term. In the US it is also almost certainly illegal.

  3. glass seems like it’d work better, if it weren’t for the breakability factor. I’m pretty sure its illegal in the US to put gas in a glass bottle too.

    does gas mess with Nalgene bottles?

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