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Pause button mod makes lazy gamers even lazier


Here’s a nice project that shows you how to insert a pause button into your existing Sega Master System console game controller. Simply add a few resistors and a new button that simultaneously pushes the left and right directions at the same time to send a ground signal to a 4071 gate IC. This then grounds the new button and pauses your game. More details at the link below…

Pause Button Mod – Link

8 thoughts on “Pause button mod makes lazy gamers even lazier

  1. Oh, I see the BIG pic of the front of the controller now… the other pic wasn’t that big. I can’t believe I’m not old enough to remember that far back :) I had an old colecovision when I was a kid (and nes, and even a Texas Instruments PC that I’m gonna try to sell on ebay soon), but I didn’t know about any segas before their three button days.

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