Electrolytic Machining of Brass

There is another interesting post over at The Steampunk Workshop, this time about Electrolytic machining of brass. The results are varied, but very promising. With a little more experimenting, this could be a viable DIY alternative to hand cutting, CNC, EDM or lasers. – Link

Electrolytic etching of brass for Moleskin notebooks – Link

10 thoughts on “Electrolytic Machining of Brass

  1. I bought an ebook a while back on building your own electrical discharge milling machine, for cheap. Upon seeing this, I’ll have to build one and see if I can have some fun.

  2. oh, that’s completely different from the EDM machine I’ve got plans for. I think the method in the link would be better for fabricating than reproduction but still something to think about.

  3. would you please sir:Iwant to buy one machine COMPLETE WITH ALL ACCESSORY to cut and engrave on gold
    CAN YOU TELL ME THE PRICE details samples

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