Ultimate (DIY) workstation powerstrip

Craig writes in with this DIY power station (tons of comments on this one…) –

My needs were simple; A power strip at my soldering/electronics workstation for my desk lamp, a small stereo, soldering iron, etc.. In addition, I wanted the outlet space to plug in 4-5 bulky low power DC transformers to monthly maintain all my rechargeable devices to keep the Ni-cads properly maintained. With a standard power strip, I didn’t have the space even with other cords unplugged. They started making power strips with one or two offset outlets for bulky transformers, but none that met my needs. ONE heavy duty diamond-plate aluminum 4′ shop power strip would have worked, but it was $45!

With about $10 in materials plus a few things I had in shop such as an appliance cord, a cord strain relief, and some 14-2 house wire, I made a power strip that will fit all my low power transformers for monthly charge maintaining, and I don’t have to keep unplugging my lamp and radio. It also will stay in place unlike the cheap plastic ones with wall-mount keyholes that crack and come off the wall with the first tug of a tight plug.


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