I’m almost done making all the paper bead bracelet kits for my session at the CHA Winter Convention in Anaheim, CA. (If you don’t know, CHA is the Craft & Hobby Association and the Winter Convention is one of the largest events of the year bringing together craft businesses.) My session, “The Indie-Craft Revolution!” (Demo-nar D102) will be on Saturday, February 9th from 3pm-5pm. It’s going to be part talk and part craft workshop where I’ll talking about what’s going on in the indie craft community, then we’ll have a workshop on making these cool paper bead bracelets pictured above that are featured in CRAFT: 05. Paper beads are so fun and very addicting so get ready! If you are attending CHA or thinking about attending, please make sure you sign up in advance for this session before it’s filled. Each person will receive a copy of CRAFT and MAKE magazines. For more info on the session, go to page 5 and scroll down to my session Demo-nar D102 on this page. Link.
To find out more on how to become a member of CHA, or to register for the Winter Convention, please visit the CHA site here. – Link.