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Make a Stylophone-style synth controller


Here’s another great project PCB from MFOS. The Mini-Controller can be used with any synthesizer with a 1-volt-per-octave input. It uses a stylus probe and PCB keyboard contacts similar to the classic Stylophone synth used by David Bowie.
Just to clarify – this is only an interface and doesn’t produce any sound on its own, but it’s probably the simplest DIY synth controller project out there.


Stylophones are still made today by the Dubreq company. While they’re not the prettiest sounding synths, they are retro-cool and a lot of fun to play.

MFOS Mini-Controller –Link

1969: David Bowie and the Stylophone –Link

Original Stylophone by Dubreq –Link

MIDI Arduinophone
MIDI Arduinophone –Link

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