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Matchbox Synthesizer

From the MAKE Flickr pool:
Ranjit created this tiny synthesizer for the thing-a-day project. Though only about two inches long, this noisemaker has five sliding switches to augment tone and a pitch control on top. Unfortunately, no schematic was made available – but one book was cited as a source:


Handmade Electronic Music takes a loose and playful approach to the subject of electronic sound. This book bypasses many complexities of electronic theory in favor of inexpensive experimentation and discovery akin to circuit bending with a high-art leaning – Great for getting your feet wet, though it will leave the newcomer with many unanswered questions.

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TV-to-synth interface in MAKE Vol. 8 page 123 –Link

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  1. Personally, I’m glad there was no circuit released!
    It sounds like crap and serves no useful purpose but to waster solder and time.

    What’s part 2? Stick it in an altoids tin ?

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