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TV-B-Gone Gun

Ferry, from the HackedGadgets Forum, writes:

“I took 30 IR LEDs and wired them up, a SMD FET switches them on and off and is wired up with a pinheader connector to the TV-B-Gone. Internally the FET is connected to the output pin of the controller, which is also connected to the transistor driving the normal IR LED.

I took a lens out of a old beamer, and used a PVC tube to fit all the stuff in.
After all I painted it black, paint doesn’t hold too well on PVC but whatever.
It’s possible to focus the beam by turning on a blue LED and slide the LEDs when loosening the screws on the side.”

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  1. Why bother with trying to turn a TV off that’s _that_ far away? Is it really bothering you that much? Does doing this make some really significant statement to society? Or are you just trying to be an annoying **** and remove yourself from the situation just far enough to face the consequences for your actions?

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