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Stringwalker makes VR worlds even more realistic


“Stringwalker” attempts to solve the problem of walking with a head-mounted VR display through a virtual space. The project uses eight strings actuated by motor-pulley mechanisms mounted on a turntable to give the walker tangible feedback of their virtual environments while guiding them through the spaces. Just don’t try to attach your shoelaces to the guide wires.

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6 thoughts on “Stringwalker makes VR worlds even more realistic

  1. I’ve been told the stringwalker is not such a good locomotion device. The CirculaFloor from the same Tsukuba university seems more promising to me!

    The Virtusphere, which I’ve tested, is much more usable, and the Omni-directionnal treadmill might be another interesting solution.

    Checkout :

    and for a good overview of the state of virtual reality


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