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Watch this beautiful animated video for the Quebec, Canada group Tricot Machine (tricot means knitting). The video is for the song “Les peaux de lievres” where overl 700 frames are knitted. It’s simply breathtaking! I also love the design of their CD cover below. [ via ]
Update 2/12: The over 700 unique knitted pieces were created for the video by designer Lysanne Latulippe of the fashion label Majolie. – Link.

16 thoughts on “All-Knitted Animated Music Video

  1. It’s not really completely knitted… I work in post-production. There is a trick to making it apprear like it’s all knitted. It’s nonetheless a really great idea!

  2. I don’t know, Elena, it looks pretty knitted to me! Looks to me like they took a video, converted it to a low-res B&W image sequence, did some editing, and then knitted away – which totally rocks!
    If someone really did that without knitting all those frames, I’d like to know how :) Either way, that must have taken forever and required a lot of work! Pretty impressive :)

  3. I’m very impressed as well. If it’s not all knitted, then I think that’s cheating. Shouldn’t call it all knitted if it isn’t. Amazing job!

  4. I’m the director of that clip and I just whant to tell you that every single frame has been knitted. There’s no cheating

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